I ♥ Fall Tag

Since fall is officially here I thought it would be fun to do another Tag post. I’ve actually done this tag on video a few years ago, so it was fun to look back and see how my answers have changed now that I’ve gotten older. Lets jump right in!


1) Favourite Fall Lip Product?
I’ve recently been wearing the Maybelline elixir in the colour Caviar Couture. It’s a darker fall lip colour than I’m used to wearing, but it’s easy to apply and it starts off as a sheer wash of colour so you can build it up to the opacity you want.


2) Favourite Fall Nail Polish?
I’ve really been liking the darker red polishes for fall. My favourite by far is the China Glaze Adventure Red-y polish. It’s a darker red colour that is really opaque and doesn’t have any shimmer or glittery bits in it.


3) Favourite Starbucks Fall Drink?
I bet you all were thinking that I would answer Pumpkin Spice latte for this one, but unfortunately I can’t actually drink coffee so that has been striked from my list. This year my favourite fall drink is the Chai Frappuchinno.

4) Favourite Fall Candle?
The Bath & Body Works Leaves candle is one of my favourite candles for fall. It makes the whole room smell like you’re walking down a tree-lined path with the leaves changing colour.


5) Favourite Fall Scarf or Accessory?
I don’t really change my accessories in the fall. I also don’t wear scarves unless it gets really cold and starts snowing. If it was just my favourite scarf, I would have to pick my Ravenclaw scarf I got last year when the Harry Potter Exhibition came to the city. It’s really soft and I love the colours.


6) Haunted house, haunted hayride, or haunted corn maze?
If I had to choose from the list above I’d say none. I am not a fan of haunted anything. I had a really bad experience in a haunted house as a kid. Though I could probably deal with a haunted hayride a bit better since I wouldn’t have to walk through it myself. If they weren’t haunted, I would pick corn maze. I go to the Edmonton Corn Maze every year and it’s a blast!

7) Favourite candy to eat on Halloween?
I don’t really have a favourite specific Halloween candy, but I’ve been loving the Nestle candy that have halloween twists to their name. (eg. Coffin Crisp instead of Coffee Crisp)


8) What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
For actual Halloween I’m going to be dressing up as a Ravenclaw. I have to go to school that evening so I don’t tend to do elaborate costumes when I have to take the bus and sit in class. However, for my Halloween party I’m going all out. I can’t tell you what I’m going to be at the moment, but I will have a blog post on it in a few weeks.

9) What is your favourite thing about fall?
My favourite thing about fall is when the leaves start to change colour and it starts to cool down a little in the morning. It’s just so beautiful and it smells like fall.

I ♥ Summer Tag

Hi everyone! Sorry about the two week hiatus. I just wanted to spend the past two weeks enjoying the summer with my husband before it’s over and I go back to class. There are some exciting posts coming up in the next month, but I thought this week I’d do a summer tag post since summer is my favourite season.


1. Favorite bronzer for summer?

I have really fair skin so I used to stray away from bronzers since they would end up looking muddy or orange on my skin. However, this year I discovered the Honey Bronzer from The Body Shop. I use the shade 01-light matte and it’s a really nice bronzer that blends well and looks very natural on fair skin.


2. You’re relaxing in a hammock, on a tropical island. What are you sipping on? (Favorite summer drink)

Lately I’ve been really into making smoothies. My favourite at the moment is a peach smoothie with almond milk and a splash of vanilla extract (It’s also really good with coconut milk).

3. Favorite summer lip product?

I usually stick with a lip balm for the summer months, so the Mabelline baby lips has been my go-to lip product. The cherry me and pink punch shades both give a tint of colour and also protect your lips with SPF 20. I also have a colourless version that smells like lemonade. I like to use products with SPF in the summer because burnt lips are not fun.


4. Pool or Beach?

If I could pick both I would, but I think a beach by the ocean is just a wonderful place to kick back and relax.

5. Summer = crazy hair! What’s your must-have styling product?

I actually have two hair products that I love to use during the summer. The first is a good dry shampoo . I have fine hair, so the summer heat and moisture can make my hair fall flat. Dry shampoo helps give volume to my hair and absorb any oils that are bound to come when you’re outside all day. The second product is the Surf Spray from Bumble and Bumble. This salt spray gives my hair waves and texture without weighing my hair down.


6. Sun bathing or fake tan?

I would have to say fake tan just because I burn like a lobster. I don’t use fake tan much because I had issues with a streaky fake tanner when I was younger. However, this year I’ve been trying a gradual tanner that has worked really well for me. The Jergens Natural Glow doesn’t have that horrible fake-tan smell and slowly builds your tan over a few days. I use the shade Fair to Medium and I haven’t had any issues with streakiness. I only use it once in a while, but I’m really impressed with it.


7. Favorite summer nail polish?

I have two favourites for this category. They’re both by China Glaze and they are really bright and colourful for summer. The first is Flip Flop Fantasy (the bright coral) and the second is Sunday Funday (the pool blue). I love the formulas for these nail polishes because they only need a coat or two and they don’t chip quickly.


8. Any summer traditions?

During the summer my husband and I love going camping in Jasper. We’ve been going for about 4 years, and it’s just a great opportunity to spend time with each other unplugged from electronics and computers. We also love going to Fort Edmonton and the Zoo while the beautiful weather is here.

9. Favorite summer scent?

I included two products here because one is a limited edition scent. The first is the Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine perfume. It has a wonderful fresh/slightly floral scent and is great for summer. This is a limited edition scent so I’m not sure if it’s sold anymore. The second scent is actually a body butter from The Body Shop. The satsuma body butter smells like ripe oranges with a slight sweet note.


10. Favorite BBQ food?

To me there’s nothing better than a steak or rack of ribs off the BBQ.

11. What’s your favorite summer-proof product?

The best summer-proof product I can think of is Urban Decay’s De-slick setting spray. If you’re going to a wedding or out on a date, this spray will make sure your makeup stays in place and doesn’t slide off your face. I used this all the time when I was working in a kitchen during the summer, and it pretty much sweat-proofs your makeup.


I hope you all are enjoying the wonderful summer weather!