A Whole New Year

It’s the end of January and I haven’t gotten around to posting anything yet! Well at least I still have a few hours to make the January cutoff. January 2016 has been the beginning of my new start. At the end of 2015, after being very sick sick and having all my plans fall apart, I made some goals for myself for the new year. I’ve (surprisingly) been sticking to them throughout the month of January. Though there are only two goals, I think they are goals everyone can relate to.

1) Take care of myself: Now this is a hard one for me. I love to take care of everyone else and make sure everyone around me is okay, but I tend to forget about myself and will sometimes overwork and over-stress myself until I’m sick and need to stop everything. This year I’m focusing on making sure I’m alright and okay. It’s hard to help others when you can’t help yourself, so I’m just doing a mental check once or twice a week to make sure I’m okay and taking care of myself (fingers crossed I get better soon!).

2) Finish what you start: I am known for starting all sorts of little projects around the house, but I tend to get bored or tired of them halfway through and just leave them for later. I’ve decided this year is the year things get done. I’ve made a list of all my little projects and I’m slowly whittling them down until I finish them all. The major rule for this is I cannot start any other projects until I finish all my older ones. No matter how badly I want to start another project I use that as incentive to finish my current works in progress. So far I haven’t finished any projects, but I have a few that are very close to completion.

So that’s what I’ve been up to in the new year so far. It may not seem like much, but I feel like these are achievable goals that focus on some of my weaknesses that I’d like to work on. At least I’m never without something to do.

I’ll be posting some more in February as I have a few little projects in the works that I’m sure will be interesting to some of you. Until next time!

Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year everyone! Another year has come and gone, and so starts the blank slate of 2015. Today also happens to be the 1st birthday of this blog! I honestly can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a year already. I hope you’re all ready for another exciting year, I know I am.


Be sure to keep your eyes peeled. New posts are coming every Sunday this year!

2014 in Review

2014 has come to an end. I always find it fun to look back on the past year and relive the memories and life lessons learned. This past year definitely had its share of highs and lows, but all-in-all it was a good year. I really liked how I got to go travelling to a few places with my favourite people this year. Between going to New York for the first time and getting to go to Disneyland with my sister and husband, I couldn’t ask for better trips. I also enjoyed the time I got to spend in my hometown with my friends. Playing Mario Kart and watching movies can be the best thing in the world if you have the right people around.


As for life lessons learned I have two that come to mind. The first is that bad things happen. That is life. The only thing you can do is pick yourself up and try to forge forwards. I’ve always struggled with this and let the really bad stuff knock me down for a while, but this year I tried to forge ahead and not let it take over my life. It can be hard, and it hurts a lot, but you can’t put your life on hold for a month or two while wallowing. It just doesn’t work.

The second lesson I learned is a bit less depressing. It’s don’t ask what-if. It can be really hard putting yourself out there. It leaves you vulnerable and you can get hurt, but let me tell you its worth it. I got tired of always wondering what would happen if I did things differently, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I mean, what is ACTUALLY the worst thing that can happen if you say hi to someone you haven’t seen in a while or ask a person you used to be friends with if they want to hang out sometime and catch up? Though I sometimes still struggle with this, I can honestly tell you that going out and doing something is much more rewarding than sitting around asking what-if.

“Maybe it’s about stringing together all the little things… making those things count for more than the bad stuff” -Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

New Year, New Blog

Since the new year is a time for new beginnings I thought what better way to debut my new blog platform than to release it on New Year’s. For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been working on my own site and writing off-and-on for about 5 years now. This originally started off as a creative outlet when I started University, but after sporadically working on it for so many years it needed a fresh start. I’ve changed a lot from when I first started this blog. I’ve become more independent, gotten married, and essentially grown into what some may call an adult. It was time this blog reflected the person I’ve become rather than the person I was when I graduated high school. This new blog will be more of a culmination of my interests rather than my off-handed musings whenever inspiration hits.

Happy New Year & I hope you enjoy reading!