Broadway Beauty and the Beast

I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine’s Day (and a happy family day to all my Canadian readers). Last week I decided to surprise my husband with an early Valentine’s gift. We went on Thursday night to see the Broadway tour of Beauty and the Beast at the Jubilee.


The show was simply magical. The live music and the dance numbers were incredibly well done, and the costumes and sets were so detailed and accurate. It was an incredible thing to see. The way they did the transformation of the beast at the end was simply astounding.¬†The whole show reminded me a lot of the live Aladdin show in Disneyland. It was extremely entertaining¬†and had a lot of extra humour injected into the performance. I couldn’t take any pictures because it was a live performance, but it was incredible. I highly suggest checking out the show if it comes to your city. If you love Disney, it’s a performance you simply won’t want to miss.