Halloween OOTD

Halloween has come and gone this year. I thought I’d do a bit of a different post this week and show you what I wore for my Halloween party last week, and at school for actual Halloween.


My husband and I decided to do a couple’s costume this year and go as the Disney couple from Tangled. I think we make a pretty good Rapunzel and Flynn. We even had Pascal with us.


For actual Halloween I went a bit more subtle with my costume. I had 2 classes in the late afternoon/evening so I still wanted to dress up, but not have my costume get in my way during class. I also needed something warmer than my Rapunzel costume since I take the bus & train to school. My Ravenclaw inspired outfit was the perfect subtle costume for Halloween at Uni.


I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!


Edmonton Corn Maze

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to the Edmonton Corn Maze with a group of friends. This has become a little tradition in our group. It’s just a nice and relaxing way to spend an afternoon.


The Edmonton Corn Maze is located just outside of Edmonton on a lovely little farm. The corn maze changes every year so you can go year-after year and never have the same experience twice. There are little problem sheets that you can pick up at the beginning of the maze to give you clues to which way you should go at the checkpoints. This year the corn maze was a giant santa, with $1 of the admission price going towards the Santa’s Anonymous charity. There is also a corn train, petting zoo, potato cannon, and air pillow to entertain the younger ones, and a haunted barn that opens around halloween for older kids and adults. If you have a chance, I would definitely suggest checking out the Edmonton Corn Maze this year.


*And a quick thanks to my sister who took the lovely picture for this week’s post.