Book Nook: Grace’s Guide

So this is going to be a quick review of the book by Gace Helbig. Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending To be a Grownup is a comedic version of a self-help book. Though this book Grace gives the reader tips on how to survive as a grownup and look like a functioning adult in the process. She uses stories from her own life and her quirky sense of humor to guide the readers through all her mishaps and blunders.


Though this is a book by a YouTuber, I actually quite enjoyed the book. There were only 3 books from youtubers that I was actually looking forward to reading (two aren’t out in my country yet), and this was one of them. I really liked Grace’s sense of humor throughout the book. It was a lighthearted book that was quick to read and was extremely entertaining. Between the quirky humor I found myself agreeing with a lot of her tips in this book. I definitely suggest this book if you want a lighthearted book with personal blunders that doesn’t take itself too seriously.