Headphones: Fad or Functional

Over the past year I have really been wanting to get a new pair of headphones. While I don’t mind earbuds, they can be tedious to wear after a while and always seem to get tangled together. While I had never owned a pair of really good headphones before, I was excited to get a nice pair that I can wear while travelling that muffles the noise of planes and people and allows me to enjoy the wonderful sound of whatever I’m listening to. My first thought was that I would get a pair of Beats solo headphones. Everyone seemed to have them and if that many people are buying them they must be good right? This train of thought got me a well earned lesson from my brother-in-law.

Since he knows way more about sound quality and music than I do, I let him teach me the ways of finding really good headphones. The one major thing I learned was you should go to a music store. We went to a Long and McQuade where we¬†pretty much spent an hour trying on their different headphones and listening to music. Though it seems like a really simple thing to do, I never thought about actually going to a store and trying out the headphones before buying them. While the headphones weren’t the most stylish out there (most of them just being plain black) I got to really hear the difference in quality between the different brands and models. I could also pick a pair of headphones that sat well and didn’t force my piercings in my ears into my head. I ended up picking a pair of white audio-technica headphones that looked great and just had this really amazing sound quality. And the kicker: they ended up being cheaper than the Beats headphones I was looking at!


A day or two later we were in the Apple Store and I decided to try out the Beats solo headphones since they were out on display with the iPods. I was honestly surprised when I put them on. Not only did they not fit as well as some of the headphones I had tried on at the music store, but the sound quality wasn’t very impressive. I’m not saying they were horrible, but the sound quality was equivalent to what I could get out of my earbuds. I just really didn’t feel like they were worth their high price. While my headphones didn’t come in a large variety of colours, I really am happy my brother-in-law stopped me from following the fad and showed me that good quality functional headphones are just better (and cheaper).