A Whole New Year

It’s the end of January and I haven’t gotten around to posting anything yet! Well at least I still have a few hours to make the January cutoff. January 2016 has been the beginning of my new start. At the end of 2015, after being very sick sick and having all my plans fall apart, I made some goals for myself for the new year. I’ve (surprisingly) been sticking to them throughout the month of January. Though there are only two goals, I think they are goals everyone can relate to.

1) Take care of myself: Now this is a hard one for me. I love to take care of everyone else and make sure everyone around me is okay, but I tend to forget about myself and will sometimes overwork and over-stress myself until I’m sick and need to stop everything. This year I’m focusing on making sure I’m alright and okay. It’s hard to help others when you can’t help yourself, so I’m just doing a mental check once or twice a week to make sure I’m okay and taking care of myself (fingers crossed I get better soon!).

2) Finish what you start: I am known for starting all sorts of little projects around the house, but I tend to get bored or tired of them halfway through and just leave them for later. I’ve decided this year is the year things get done. I’ve made a list of all my little projects and I’m slowly whittling them down until I finish them all. The major rule for this is I cannot start any other projects until I finish all my older ones. No matter how badly I want to start another project I use that as incentive to finish my current works in progress. So far I haven’t finished any projects, but I have a few that are very close to completion.

So that’s what I’ve been up to in the new year so far. It may not seem like much, but I feel like these are achievable goals that focus on some of my weaknesses that I’d like to work on. At least I’m never without something to do.

I’ll be posting some more in February as I have a few little projects in the works that I’m sure will be interesting to some of you. Until next time!

Gaming: Settlers of Catan

Yay! It’s day 7 of Blogmas and I’m still here! Considering I only decided to do Blogmas on November 30th I’d say I’m doing pretty well. For today’s post I thought it would be nice to talk about one of my new favourite tabletop games.

Many of you may have heard of Settlers of Catan before. It has become quite a popular game over the past few years. It’s a very fun game that seems complicated at first, but after getting through your first game it is actually quite easy. It’s basically a game of trading resources and building roads and settlements. The game is won by the person that gets 10 victory points first. These can be won in a number of ways. Some ways to get victory points include building settlements, having the largest army, or having the longest road.


I really enjoyed this game because its so well rounded. You never really know how far ahead someone is until the end of the game. It is also easy for someone who is lagging behind to jump into first. It also is very family friendly and doesn’t result in everyone hating each other in the end (like Monopoly). If you’re looking for a new board game to play and don’t mind taking a bit of time to learn the rules, I’d definitely suggest checking out Settlers of Catan.


And just as an aside, I’ve been loving doing blogmas, however the posts may stop for a little bit (don’t worry they’re all planned out and will go out eventually). I’ve just been very sick lately so if a post doesn’t make it out on time it just means I haven’t been well enough to perfect it. Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but if it does I’m very sorry and the post will make its way up on the site in the near future.

Book Nook: You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost)

This book nook is all about the wonderful memoir You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost) by Felicia Day. Now if you don’t know who Felicia Day is, she is a wonderful, quirky person who can be found mainly on the YouTube channel Geek and Sundry. I actually stumbled across her when I was going through the Tabletop game videos on the Geek and Sundry and saw her shows Co-Optitude (where she plays video games with her brother) and The Flog (where she steps out of her comfort zone to try new activities). When I heard about her new book coming out I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and give it a good flip through.


This book is a memoir for Felicia Day’s earlier years. The stories she covers are very real and extremely relatable. She really delves deep into issues that many have probably experienced, but no one really talks about. Having different interests than your peers, not really fitting in, struggling as an adult to find your niche, even working in the internet age with people who don’t really understand what you do. This book was honestly so well written. It was everything I could ever hope for in a memoir (okay I might be getting a little theatrical here, but it was honestly that good). It really added dimension to the quirky awesome girl I’d watch on YouTube. To know that she had gone through so much in her life really made me think about my own life and my goals for the future.

I would honestly recommend this You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost) to everyone. If you’re nerdy, geeky, odd, different, ever had issues fitting in, dealt with depression, or just love to read I suggest you pick up this book. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it (almost) as much as I do.

2015 Advent Calendars

Hello everyone and happy St. Nicholas Day! Since it is St. Nicholas Day I thought I’d talk about advent calendars. Now we all know about those chocolate advent calendars we used to get as kids, but those days of simple advent calendars are long gone. Now we live in the age where you can get an advent calendar filled with anything! Jewellery? They have one. Beauty/makeup/skincare? They have one with those too. I’ve even seen a beer advent calendar where you get a new craft beer to try every day. This year I decided to go the non-traditional route and get Lego advent calendars. Let me tell you, they have been nothing but fun. I picked up the Star Wars and the Lego City advent calendars because I wanted a little variety (though I was very tempted to get two Star Wars calendars). Every day you get a little Lego character or item that you get to build. Once they’re built you can place them on the little scene that comes attached to the calendar. It’s lots of fun and way better than chocolate in my opinion.


Also, if you want your pet to get in on the advent action there are always advent calendars specifically for pets (I had no idea this even existed until I saw them at PetsMart). The one we have has a gluten free treat every day (our dog can’t have gluten so it’s awesome that they cater to specific diets).