November IPSY 2014: First Impressions

My IPSY bag for this month came about two weeks ago. Since I haven’t had the time to meticulously go through my IPSY bag and try all the products, I thought I would give my first impressions on the products and the bag this month.


I’m a bit on the fence about the bag itself. Though it’s very glittery, I thought it wouldn’t be an issue since the glitter seemed to be incased in the plastic coating rather than just glued to the fabric. However, every time I pick it up my hands are covered in glitter. Not exactly ideal for daily use.


be Delectable from Cake Beauty (Lemon & Cream): I was really excited to see this in my bag. I have heavy cream from Cake Beauty and it smells amazing (like vanilla cake batter). The lotion I got in my bag smells like lemon cake, which is awesome and also reminds me of my wedding cake.


clariSEA Instant Glow Powder Exfoliant: This product isn’t something that I would normally pick up. It’s basically salt crystals that you add to your normal face wash to turn it into an exfoliating wash. I’m a bit apprehensive about this just because I have really sensitive skin, but I could probably use it as a body exfoliant if its too intense for my face.


J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint (Mad Splatter): First I want to start with how much I love this colour. It’s a berry duo-chrome with a blue undertone (yay for extra white teeth). I probably never would have picked this product up because its one of those stains where you need to use a brush since it has no easy way of otherwise applying it. I probably will need to get a lipliner to use this product since it’s very liquidy and will probably bleed around the edges otherwise.


Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil  (Ultra Olive): Now this is not a colour I ever would have picked out. The gold-olive colour was a bit off-putting at first, but it actually looks surprisingly nice with blue eyes. The pencil is very soft and applies smoothly without skipping. I haven’t really formed any other opinions on this product yet.


TEMPTU S/B Highlighter (Pink Pearl): I’m not really sure how I feel about this product yet. It’s a very subdued liquid highlighter. I’m not sure I like the finish or the consistency of the product at the moment. I tend to stick with cream highlighters, so this might not be for me.


All-in-all it was an alright bag this month with a few nice surprises. Though the bag itself and a few of the products weren’t my taste, we’ll see what December has to offer. On a side note, IPSY sent me a replacement product after I contacted them about the one missing product last month. They were really awesome and took care of the issue right away.

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