Travel Log: Onboard Essentials for Long Flights

I know I’ve made a post about packing onboard luggage before, but this post particularly pertains to long flights (+5 hours). I just got off of a long flight less than 12 hours ago, so I have some tips and tricks to make your longer flights more enjoyable.


Pack entertainment for your entire flight. Whether it’s an iPad loaded with movies, a kindle, 3DS, or whatever. Bring it. Bring them all. Make sure you have something to keep you entertained for the entire flight. I don’t like to rely on the in-flight entertainment because it can be faulty. The flight I was just on didn’t even have TVs in the cabin because they were upgrading the plane still.

Bring snacks and an empty water bottle. You never know when you’re going to be hungry, and then you don’t have to pay the insane prices for food in the plane. Also, you don’t have to worry about them running out of food (which has happened to me before). The empty water bottle is awesome because you can fill it up once you get through security, then you don’t have to keep asking and waiting for drinks because the air is so dry and you’re extremely thirsty.

Pre-order food in advance if you can. The flight I was on had the option to pre-order our in-flight food a week in advance. This was the best decision ever! Not only are you guaranteed to get the sandwiches and food you want, you don’t have to worry about having enough time in the airport to grab food between layovers. Also, since we pre-ordered we got our food before they even started going down the cabin with the cart. This meant we got to eat about 20 minutes before everyone else.

Make yourself comfortable. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a neck pillow, and walk around. It’s not about being stylish, it’s about surviving this flight with the least amount of discomfort as possible. I wear these really comfortable flats when flying so I also packed fuzzy socks in case my feet got too cold on the plane.

I guess, overall, just have a backup plan. Inflight entertainment can go down, they can run out of food, you can be stuck in your seat the whole time with bad turbulence, but you don’t have to let it greatly affect you. On short flights this can be a minor inconvenience, but on long flights it can be brutal. Don’t let yourself be affected by this. Plan in advance, and even if you don’t use your backup stuff, at least you were prepared.


Book Nook: The E-Book Debate

It’s end of April and you know what that means? No more finals (and more blog posts)! Sorry for the slight abandonment. Something just had to give this semester, and unfortunately it was the blog. However, I have been writing posts during the past month. I just didn’t want to put up posts that weren’t up-to-snuff quality wise. So look forward to multiple blog posts coming at you for the next three weeks! Anyhow, on to e-books!

There has always been a debate about e-books vs. physical copies. Everyone I talk to has their own preference, and I personally am a physical book lover. I like being able to turn the pages and just enjoy the experience of having a physical copy. I was always skeptical of e-readers. I never liked reading books on my iPad because the backlight gives me migraines after a while. However, my stance may have changed a little on e-readers.


My issue with reading books is I am a very fast reader. It doesn’t take me very long to finish a novel. Though I love being able to read through a series quickly, it becomes an issue when travelling. Since I read through books fairly quickly, I end up having to pack at least 2-3 books for a week trip. And let me tell you, physical books weigh a lot. I try to buy paperbacks in order to reduce the amount of weight, but it still gets rediculous sometimes. I’ve been looking at “proper” e-readers like the kindle and kobo, and I was happy to find they don’t have a backlight like the iPad. Checking them out in person, they are very different compared to reading from a tablet. I never thought I would say this, but I might switch to e-books for traveling. I’m not saying I’m giving up physical copies of books all together, but I would love to be able to bring books on vacation without feeling like a pack mule. What are your opinions on e-books vs. physical copies?

Getting back to Yoga

It has always been a personal goal of mine to become fitter. Not in the gym-rat-works-out-5-times-a-week way, but more of an I-am-making-a-concious-effort way. I find life takes hold and I forget to do activities that keep me fit and feeling good. I decided about two weeks ago that I wanted to get back into yoga, however I didn’t want to pay for a class. With my schedule as hectic as it is, I started looking online for a yoga routine that I could do at home. It was then that I stumbled upon Yoga with Adriene. I started her 30 day yoga challenge about 2 weeks ago (I’m on day 12 right now) and I have been feeling great. It’s pretty easy to make time in my day for a 12-30 minute yoga session at home.


If you want to check out the challenge just click the link here. I will give you fair warning that I almost gave up around day 3-4. I was sore and just didn’t want to continue, but I pushed through and by day 5 I felt awesome and wasn’t sore or tired from doing yoga anymore. I think it’s probably because I haven’t done yoga in over a year, but if you allow yourself to work through it and do just one more day it gets easier.

Erin Condren Planner: First Impressions

I always like to be organized in life. Between school, cleaning schedules, meal plans, and other activities I always feel like I’m going to forget something. In the past I have tried the agendas that they give at school and even attempted electronic scheduling apps. However, I really haven’t found something that works for everything…until now.

I got my Erin Condren Planner at the end of January. I had been feeling really flustered and scatterbrained through January, and I was just looking for something to keep me organized every day. So far this planner has done just that. The planner I picked has a personalized cover page that is removable/interchangable. This is great because if I ever get a new planner I can switch out the covers, and if the front page becomes too worn I can switch it out. It also comes with a metallic elastic to keep the planner closed and a variety of clips, sticker, and pockets (including a zippered one) to keep everything together and organized.


My favourite part about this planner has to be the inside layout. The tabs make it easy to find the month I’m looking for if I’m scheduling something in the future months. I also like how there is a plain calendar view at the beginning at each month that I can place vacations, birthdays, and any big events coming up.


My one problem with previous agendas or electronic systems is there never seems to be enough room for me to put everything that is going on. This planner fixes that problem and keeps everything organized. Their weekly view has 3 boxes for each day (morning, day, and evening). This is really helpful to plan out my day without having everything jumbled in a single box. It also has a separate place for notes every day and a side area to write general week notes. This is really handy since I can make meal plans for the week which are separate from my daily activities. I use the weekly sidebars for any studying chapters I need to complete for school without cluttering my weekly schedule. The planner also has a bookmark style marker which attaches to the coils and helps you quickly turn to the current week.

I think the Erin Condren planner has worked really well for me so far. I’ve been feeling more organized and on-top of my schedule. The planner is on the more pricy side, but I honestly think it’s worth the extra cost. The planner is very high quality and really durable (especially since I toss it into my backpack daily). I also used a coupon code to reduce the cost slightly. If you are interested in getting a planner or anything else from Erin Condren, you can click here to get $10 off your first purchase from the site. I’ve really been loving this planner so far, and maybe I’ll even do an in-depth planning post on how I keep everything organized.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The planner was bought by myself and all opinions are my own.