The Written Word is not Dead

I don’t know about you, but everytime I get a letter in my postbox that isn’t a bill or junk, I get really excited. A lot of people have been saying that posted letter are a thing of the past. That email is taking over and the younger generation isn’t interested in sending letters though snail mail anymore. Well, I can prove to you that the idea is incorrect. I recently  stumbled upon IGGPPC which stand for International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. This website divides you by age and allows you to be matched up with a penpal somewhere in the world around your age with similar interests as you. Though this says its for girls, they also allow boys to join in the fun as well. I think this is a great idea as it allows the younger generation to connect with others their age who also want to send snail mail to eachother.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 2.06.38 PM

If you’re interested in getting your own pen pal, click the link here to head over to their page. I thought this idea was really awesom and just wanted to share this awesome concept with you all.

Broadway Beauty and the Beast

I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine’s Day (and a happy family day to all my Canadian readers). Last week I decided to surprise my husband with an early Valentine’s gift. We went on Thursday night to see the Broadway tour of Beauty and the Beast at the Jubilee.


The show was simply magical. The live music and the dance numbers were incredibly well done, and the costumes and sets were so detailed and accurate. It was an incredible thing to see. The way they did the transformation of the beast at the end was simply astounding. The whole show reminded me a lot of the live Aladdin show in Disneyland. It was extremely entertaining and had a lot of extra humour injected into the performance. I couldn’t take any pictures because it was a live performance, but it was incredible. I highly suggest checking out the show if it comes to your city. If you love Disney, it’s a performance you simply won’t want to miss.

My Brief Blogging Hiatus

As you have probably noticed, for the last two weeks there has not been much activity on my blog. Though I’m not going to go into much detail, we had to say goodbye to our dear cat Cookie about two weeks ago. I just needed a break from blogging in order to collect myself and work through this hard time. It’s still hard coming back to a quieter house and studying/blogging without constant kitty interruptions, but I will be going back to my regular blogging schedule starting this Sunday.

Be sure to cuddle your furry friends for me!

Book Nook: The Art Of Getting Started

Since it’s the beginning of a new year, I can’t think of a better time to talk about The Art Of Getting Started by Lee Crutchley. The main point of this book is to teach you to jump into tasks and not be afraid of failure.


The book is like a workbook. It has tasks on every page, and some of them can be a little strange. As you go through the book you are reminded that there is no “wrong way” to start and there are no “mistakes”. Though most of the book is activities, there are pages throughout the book that talk about the reasons why we procrastinate and sometimes never start certain tasks. The book really helps put you into a productive mind frame and can give you the extra push you may need to get started.


I really enjoyed this book. Not only were the tasks enjoyable, I also felt that it has made me more focused on starting and less focused on what may happen if I fail or make a mistake. I’m still working through the book, but I suggest at least checking the book out. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be ready to get started too.