Music Notes: Top 5 Of January

I’m always interested in the music people are listening to. Whenever I see someone walking around with their music players I always want to know what they are listening to. I think the type of music people listen to can say a lot about a person. My taste in music tends to change based on what’s going on currently in my life. So for all you people out there who are just as nosey as I am, here is the top 5 bands I’ve been listening to in January:

1) The 1975 – This is a British band that I stumbled upon about 3 months ago while perusing YouTube. They have really catchy songs that just put you into a good mood. [While the some of their song titles may put off people from giving their music a try, they are definitely worth giving a listen to.] I’d suggest checking out their songs Chocolate, Heart Out, or their EP song Sex.

2) Simple Plan – This Canadian band has been a favourite of mine since I was 12. My love for them was also solidified by their “guest appearance” on Scooby-Doo (because those things matter to a pre-teen). I actually got to see them live at their Get Your Heart On tour a few years ago (which was my first and favourite concert). Luckily, Simple Plan sounds just as good live as they do on their records. It’s really hard to pick from all their songs, but I’d suggest starting with Grow Up, Holding On, Gone Too Soon, and The Rest Of US (from their new album).

3) Boys Like Girls – Now this is a band I started listening to back when I was in high school. I don’t actually know anyone that listens to them other than my sister. They have a lot of high energy music which is great to listen to when trying to get work done, or working out. The songs Two is Better Than One, Real Thing, Contagious, and Heels Over Head are some good songs to start listening to.

4) Faber Drive- I started listening to this band because my sister decided I should expand my musical repertoire and moved some of her songs into my music library. When I first heard of this band I automatically dismissed it because my sister and I have very different tastes in music. However, I found myself slowly falling in love with their music over time. I suggest checking out their songs Tongue Tied, When I’m With You, and You And I Tonight.

5) Landon Austin – I found Landon on YouTube a few years ago. He isn’t a well known musician and he isn’t signed to a record label, but he is an amazing singer and guitarist. I actually got to meet/chat with him when he came here on tour. He is a very sweet and down-to-earth person. He writes his own songs and also plays some very good covers of other popular songs. His song Once In A Lifetime was actually the first dance song at my wedding. I suggest listening to his songs Once In A Lifetime, Ready For Anything, and Let’s Fly.