Review: GLAMGLOW Gift Set

For today’s blogmas I thought I would give my review on the GLAMGLOW GIFTSEXY Dazzling Hydration Set. Now, before I start I just want to let you know I am not yelling the product names at you. Their names are actually all capitalized.


I had never tried any of the GLAMGLOW products before, but I had heard many good things about them and wanted to see what the hype was about. I got this set from Sephora and I picked this one because it comes with 2 masks, a cleanser, and an applicator brush. Since the gift set costs just slightly more than a full size mask, I thought I’d take the chance and try a few products. Since I have dry skin that sometimes breaks out I thought this set would be a good choice since it comes with a full size of the THIRSTYMUD mask and a deluxe size of the SUPERMUD cleansing mask.

THIRSTYMUD Treatment: This is probably my favourite product from the entire set. I initially thought this was a mask, but after reading the little instruction manual that came with the set I learned that it can be used as a mask but it is more like a treatment that doesn’t have to be washed off. The product itself has a really nice scent that is almost like almond or coconut, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It was really easy to apply and it left my skin feeling really hydrated the next morning. It also didn’t react at all with my sensitive skin which is a huge bonus to me. I’m really looking forward to using this product in the upcoming winter months and I will possibly repurchase it in the future.

SUPERMUD Cleansing Mask: Now this product I was really excited to try. I sometimes have breakouts around my t-zone and I thought it would be nice to use this as a spot treatment to take care of those problem areas. The mask is kind of minty and leaves a tingling/cooling sensation as it dries. As for results, I haven’t noticed a large difference but my skin has been pretty good the past few weeks so I’ll probably get more noticeable results if I use it during a breakout time. A word of warning for people with sensitive skin, this mask is one of the more powerful cleansing masks that I’ve used. I found my skin went a little reddish for about 20 minutes after using the mask. Since I use this as a spot treatment it doesn’t bother me too much, but I wouldn’t suggest using this on your entire face if you have sensitive skin. I’m going to keep on using this product, but I’m going to keep an eye out to make sure I don’t have any more reactions to the product and I probably wouldn’t repurchase it.

Thirstycleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser: So this was the one product I wasn’t exactly jumping to try. I find a lot of cleansers are just really harsh on my skin and leave it feeling dry and tight. However, this cleanser was a pleasant surprise. It’s a mud to foam cleanser which basically means it comes out of the pump looking and smelling exactly like the THIRSTYMUD treatment. You massage it over your dry skin and then add water to work it into a foam. The cleanser left my skin feeling soft and moisturized which is an unusual experience for me. I haven’t used it to remove makeup or anything so I can’t really say if it does an exceptional job cleansing, but it’s nice and I’ll definitely use it up.

Applicator: While the applicator looks nice and has soft bristles, I could have honestly done without it. I really never used it at all to apply the masks, and honestly it’s just another thing I’m going to have to clean if I use it with the masks. I also have yet to figure out what the little silicone triangle on the one side of it is for. It’s not really sturdy and I just don’t get it. Maybe some people really like this applicator, but it just wasn’t for me.

Overall Opinion: Overall I thought the set was a good purchase. I’ll definitely get use out of the products and it was nice to get to try a bunch of different products without having to pay the large price tag for each individual item. I can see why GLAMGLOW is so well known for their masks and I’m looking forward to using them for the next while.


*Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I was not paid to do this blog post and all products were purchased by myself.

IPSY April 2015

This IPSY review is going to be the last for quite some time as I have cancelled my IPSY subscription. There was nothing wrong with the subscription, in fact I loved it! However, I found with school and everything else going on the samples just started piling up. I want to get a chance to actually try products and re-purchase the ones I love, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products I haven’t tried yet. So here is my review of the IPSY April 2015 bag. Enjoy!

April IPSY 2015

The theme for the bag this month was bohemian beautiful. The bag is a really cool woven texture with rainbow colours woven into the pattern. The inside is beautifully lined so nothing inside the bag will pull or tear at the woven design on the outside. I always love how high quality the bags from IPSY are.

JulieG nail polish (Damsel): This nail polish was an interesting one for me. I have heard of a lot of nail polish brands over the years, but never have I heard of JulieG before. The colour damsel looks like a bubble gum pink in the container, but it dries to more of a raspberry colour on the nails. Though this is one of the smellier perfumes I’ve tried, the colour is very opaque and I could easily get away with just one coat on my nails. I haven’t tested the longevity of the polish yet, but I’m hoping it lasts because it is a gorgeous colour.

Hey Honey Good Morning Serum: To start, this serum looks really weird out of the tube. It’s a bright yellow colour and has a sweet smell to it. I was not expecting much from this serum because a lot of serums tend to dry my face out. However, this serum is super moisturizing. It’s almost like a lotion to the point where I don’t really feel a need to put on a moisturizer at all. However, I might be a little sensitive to some of the ingredients in it because it has started to tingle a little when I put it on (it didn’t do that when I first tried it).

Aromachology Sophisticated and Sensual eau de parfum: This perfume smells awesome. It’s a very bright floral-citrusy scent, and doesn’t have that musky scent that I tend to associate with sophisticated perfumes. I think the floral is lily or maybe magnolia (just checked, it’s both), but it makes me think of warm summer days with the flowers blooming on the trees. I absolutely love this perfume and it comes in a rollerball which is super handy for travel.

Starlooks lipgloss (Cuddle): I wasn’t so sure about this lipgloss when I saw the package. The colour looked to have a brownish tint to it so I wasn’t sure how it would look on my lips. It’s a very sheer, shimmery wash of colour that doesn’t look odd at all when on. It also smells a lot like vanilla cake batter (yay for finally getting a lipgloss that doesn’t smell like paint). The formula is a little sticky, but other than that I have no complaints about it.

theBalm eyeshadow (Fit): I have previously heard of the brand theBalm before, but I had never tried any of their products before. The eyeshadow in the colour fit is a shimmery bronze/copper mix. The formulation is really smooth with little fallout. It’s not only a lovely colour, it’s also very pigmented. I’m very impressed with this eyeshadow because the colour is slightly different from anything I currently own, and the brand overall seems to be a great quality.

If you want to get your own subscription to IPSY you can click here. I honestly enjoyed this  subscription service, and will probably re-subscribe once I get through my mountain of samples.

Frozen Inspired Holiday Look

This week I thought I’d share a holiday look I wore to my Christmas party. I was inspired by Disney’s movie Frozen, and thought this would make a fun holiday look.


Since I didn’t have to go outside for my Christmas party, I chose a dress that kind of reminded me of Elsa’s dress. This navy blue dress has a lovely high-low skirt and silver thread woven into the top. I got this dress from Modcloth early in the spring this year. My snowflake and pearl earrings were bought last year from Claire’s.


For my makeup I wanted to do a more natural, yet glowing look. I used my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in light sheer and Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in 125 (very fair) as a base for my makeup. I used my Nars Multiple in Copacabana as a highlighter on my cheekbones, and Tarte blush in Thankful for a glowy finish. On my eyes I used Benefit Stay Don’t Stray eye primer, then dusted Stila Kitten eyeshadow over my lid. I used the second darkest brown from my E.L.F butternut eyeshadow quad to add some definition to my crease. I then lined my eyes with my Stila Smudge Stick Eyeliner in Lionfish, and finished the eyes with black Perversion mascara from Urban Decay. I then rounded off the look with my NYX butter gloss in Strawberry Parfait (BLG01), then set the makeup with Urban Decay De-Slick makeup setting spray.

To do my hair I used Tressemé heat tamer spray and curled it using my Remington T-studio curling wand, curling the lower sections of my hair in the same direction.

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!


*A big thanks to my sister who took the pictures for this post.

**This post is not sponsored. All products and opinions are my own.

November IPSY 2014: First Impressions

My IPSY bag for this month came about two weeks ago. Since I haven’t had the time to meticulously go through my IPSY bag and try all the products, I thought I would give my first impressions on the products and the bag this month.


I’m a bit on the fence about the bag itself. Though it’s very glittery, I thought it wouldn’t be an issue since the glitter seemed to be incased in the plastic coating rather than just glued to the fabric. However, every time I pick it up my hands are covered in glitter. Not exactly ideal for daily use.


be Delectable from Cake Beauty (Lemon & Cream): I was really excited to see this in my bag. I have heavy cream from Cake Beauty and it smells amazing (like vanilla cake batter). The lotion I got in my bag smells like lemon cake, which is awesome and also reminds me of my wedding cake.


clariSEA Instant Glow Powder Exfoliant: This product isn’t something that I would normally pick up. It’s basically salt crystals that you add to your normal face wash to turn it into an exfoliating wash. I’m a bit apprehensive about this just because I have really sensitive skin, but I could probably use it as a body exfoliant if its too intense for my face.


J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint (Mad Splatter): First I want to start with how much I love this colour. It’s a berry duo-chrome with a blue undertone (yay for extra white teeth). I probably never would have picked this product up because its one of those stains where you need to use a brush since it has no easy way of otherwise applying it. I probably will need to get a lipliner to use this product since it’s very liquidy and will probably bleed around the edges otherwise.


Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil  (Ultra Olive): Now this is not a colour I ever would have picked out. The gold-olive colour was a bit off-putting at first, but it actually looks surprisingly nice with blue eyes. The pencil is very soft and applies smoothly without skipping. I haven’t really formed any other opinions on this product yet.


TEMPTU S/B Highlighter (Pink Pearl): I’m not really sure how I feel about this product yet. It’s a very subdued liquid highlighter. I’m not sure I like the finish or the consistency of the product at the moment. I tend to stick with cream highlighters, so this might not be for me.


All-in-all it was an alright bag this month with a few nice surprises. Though the bag itself and a few of the products weren’t my taste, we’ll see what December has to offer. On a side note, IPSY sent me a replacement product after I contacted them about the one missing product last month. They were really awesome and took care of the issue right away.