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Though teen fiction is the first place I tend to go in the book stores, sometimes I want a book that is at a higher reading level and has a bit more substance. The book The Magicians by Lev Grossman was my first foray into adult fiction. I enjoy adult fiction books because they have a larger vocabulary and take longer than an hour or two to read through.┬áThe Magicians is good fantasy book to transition into more adult fiction. Though the content is definitely on the more mature side, Grossman has a more simplistic style of writing (by that I mean it doesn’t hurt your head to try to get through a chapter).


The Magicians is the first book of a trilogy. The second book is The Magician King and the third book is The Magician’s Land (not yet released). The book combines the idea of Hogwarts (a school of magic in a castle) and the first story in the Chronicles of Narnia (The Magician’s Nephew). If you haven’t read The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis I would suggest reading it first because it gives you a lot of background knowledge and it will be easier to understand the references in Grossman’s book.

The Magicians follows a boy named Quentin through his acceptance into a college of magic and his journey to discover Fillory (a.k.a Narnia). Though it’s hard to say more about the story without giving parts away, I will say the story takes some unexpected dark turns. I have mixed feelings about The Magicians. Though it is very well written, it probably isn’t for everyone. I will, however, warn you that I did’t find the second book in the trilogy was at the same level (content wise) as the first. I suggest if you do read The Magicians to just stick with the first book. Though there is a slight cliffhanger, it is better as a stand-alone book.


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