November IPSY 2014: First Impressions

My IPSY bag for this month came about two weeks ago. Since I haven’t had the time to meticulously go through my IPSY bag and try all the products, I thought I would give my first impressions on the products and the bag this month.


I’m a bit on the fence about the bag itself. Though it’s very glittery, I thought it wouldn’t be an issue since the glitter seemed to be incased in the plastic coating rather than just glued to the fabric. However, every time I pick it up my hands are covered in glitter. Not exactly ideal for daily use.


be Delectable from Cake Beauty (Lemon & Cream): I was really excited to see this in my bag. I have heavy cream from Cake Beauty and it smells amazing (like vanilla cake batter). The lotion I got in my bag smells like lemon cake, which is awesome and also reminds me of my wedding cake.


clariSEA Instant Glow Powder Exfoliant: This product isn’t something that I would normally pick up. It’s basically salt crystals that you add to your normal face wash to turn it into an exfoliating wash. I’m a bit apprehensive about this just because I have really sensitive skin, but I could probably use it as a body exfoliant if its too intense for my face.


J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint (Mad Splatter): First I want to start with how much I love this colour. It’s a berry duo-chrome with a blue undertone (yay for extra white teeth). I probably never would have picked this product up because its one of those stains where you need to use a brush since it has no easy way of otherwise applying it. I probably will need to get a lipliner to use this product since it’s very liquidy and will probably bleed around the edges otherwise.


Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil  (Ultra Olive): Now this is not a colour I ever would have picked out. The gold-olive colour was a bit off-putting at first, but it actually looks surprisingly nice with blue eyes. The pencil is very soft and applies smoothly without skipping. I haven’t really formed any other opinions on this product yet.


TEMPTU S/B Highlighter (Pink Pearl): I’m not really sure how I feel about this product yet. It’s a very subdued liquid highlighter. I’m not sure I like the finish or the consistency of the product at the moment. I tend to stick with cream highlighters, so this might not be for me.


All-in-all it was an alright bag this month with a few nice surprises. Though the bag itself and a few of the products weren’t my taste, we’ll see what December has to offer. On a side note, IPSY sent me a replacement product after I contacted them about the one missing product last month. They were really awesome and took care of the issue right away.

Maze Runner: Book-to-Movie Review

Hello once again everyone! Sorry for the lack of activity the past week or so. Everything has become a scramble with finals almost here and other things coming up. Don’t worry, all will be revealed soon! Anyhow, I had a chance to see the Maze Runner movie earlier this month and thought I would give my review on it since I’ve read the book. Please remember everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this just happens to be mine. And don’t worry there won’t be any spoilers.


To start, the general storyline of the book was kept through the movie. There weren’t any earth-shattering deviations from the book, but there were some large changes. Though I was a bit surprised with some of the changes they made, I always have to remind myself that the movie is an adaption of the book, not the book in its entirety. Though I thought some of their interpretations of things in the maze were a bit different than what I had in my mind, all-in-all they did a good job and had a great cast.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with this movie. Though it did make some changes in the story, it wasn’t enough to greatly upset myself, as someone who had already read the book. I think it would also be a great movie for someone who hasn’t read the books, since they go quite in-depth into character background. I don’t feel that someone who hasn’t read the book would lose out on the details while watching the movie.


Lest We Forget

This is a little bit of a different post than I usually do. Though all the shops are filling with Christmas things and everyone is a buzz about the holidays, today is an important day that everyone seems to forget about. Remembrance Day is all about remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom. Though we can get caught up in our daily lives and the hear-and-now, today is a day where we look at the past with pride and honor.


Wear those poppies with pride and give a moment of silence for those who passed on and fought for us. Have a wonderful Remembrance Day everyone.

Halloween OOTD

Halloween has come and gone this year. I thought I’d do a bit of a different post this week and show you what I wore for my Halloween party last week, and at school for actual Halloween.


My husband and I decided to do a couple’s costume this year and go as the Disney couple from Tangled. I think we make a pretty good Rapunzel and Flynn. We even had Pascal with us.


For actual Halloween I went a bit more subtle with my costume. I had 2 classes in the late afternoon/evening so I still wanted to dress up, but not have my costume get in my way during class. I also needed something warmer than my Rapunzel costume since I take the bus & train to school. My Ravenclaw inspired outfit was the perfect subtle costume for Halloween at Uni.


I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!