September IPSY 2014

It’s that time of the month again. Time for another IPSY review! I got my IPSY bag about 2 weeks ago, but I like to give the products a good test run before I give my opinion on the products. Now let’s jump right into it! ai2014 all This month’s bag theme was Street Style. The bag itself is a gorgeous metallic gunmetal colour with little studs along the top. This bag is really soft and roomy so it will definitely go to good use. Now for the products. I got five products this month ranging from haircare to lipgloss. I was a little bit unsure about some of the products, but some of them really surprised me. ai2014bag Pacifica Natural Waterproof Eye Pencil in Fringe:

This eye pencil was one of the products I was really excited to try. I really liked the colour because brown is more subtle than black, but it still makes your eyelash line look fuller. It also didn’t have any shimmer so it would work well for a natural or neutral eye look. I really liked how smoothly the eyeliner went on. Usually I find pencils to be a bit more dry so they tug on the skin, but this was not the case with the Pacifica eye pencil. The only downside was the longevity. Though this claims to be a waterproof pencil, I found it didn’t stay in place. It would be completely gone within a few hours. Though I like that this is a more natural product (which is good especially near your eyes), I don’t think I’d buy this eye pencil because it just doesn’t stay put. ai2014line Be A Bombshell Smooth Criminal Powder:

This product was a nice product to get in my bag. It’s basically a translucent powder to use overtop of makeup. I was really happy to get this in my bag because my skin has been a bit more oily as of late, so it’s nice to have a powder to use on those oily zones. I also liked that it doesn’t have any pigment, so I didn’t have to worry about it not matching my skin tone. All-in-all the product did its job. I wouldn’t say it was spectacular or anything, but it got the job done. It was a pretty standard powder which is fine by me.
ai2014pow Briogeo Don’t Dispair, Repair Conditioning Mask:

I always like getting conditioning masks because I never seem to go out and buy them for myself. I was a little iffy about this mask because the smell was a little weird (not off-putting, just strange). However, after using this hair mask my hair was so so soft. The pot is also pretty big so I can probably get about 5 or 6 uses out of it. I probably won’t go out and buy it, just because I’m weird and don’t tend to buy hair masks, but it does work amazingly well.
ai2014hair CAILYN Art Touch Tinted Lipgloss in Basic Instinct:

First of all I love the colour. I pulled this out of my bag and couldn’t get over how pretty the colour is (I even swatched it below). The colour Basic Instinct is a perfect pinky-peach colour that makes your lips look beautiful. There’s no shimmer in this lipgloss, but the colour payoff is great. The only downside is the smell/taste. Usually I’m not a stickler for these things (I mean you’re not supposed to eat lipgloss), but when you put something on your lips it shouldn’t taste horrible. This lipgloss smells like acrylic paint and kind of has the taste too. This was a major con to this product. I wish they would fix this one product flaw because I loved everything else about this product. However, I will be steering clear of this brand for that reason alone. ai2014lip LeeAnni Eco 3-in-1 Revolution Light:

When I saw this product in my bag I was quite nervous. The last time I tried a new face moisturizer I ended up having a horrible reaction that felt like my face was slowly being melted off. Naturally, I decided this time to try it on a weekend and NOT when I was about to go to school for the day. I was pleasantly surprised by this moisturizer. It smell faintly of cinnamon hearts and did not react with my skin or make my face burn. It was awesome. It’s a 3-in-1 because it claims to be a serum, toner, and moisturizer in one. I didn’t notice much of a difference from my normal plain moisturizer, but it did a good job of keeping my face soft and not dry all day. The price isn’t outrageous either ($30.00 for 4oz.), so I may purchase this in the future. ai2014moist All-in-all I felt the September IPSY 2014 bag was pretty good. There were a few let-downs, but there were a few good products too. I think I may have liked last month’s bag a bit more, but we’ll see how next month’s bag turns out.

Gaming: Kirby Triple Deluxe

It’s been a while since I’ve done a gaming post. I was really excited when my sister got me Kirby Triple Deluxe for my birthday. I hadn’t bought any new games recently, so my 3DS was sitting idle for a while. I had never played any of the games in the Kirby series, but I always liked playing Kirby in Super Smash Bros. so I’ve been interested in playing a Kirby game for quite some time.


In Kirby Triple Deluxe there are three different modes you can play when you start: Story mode, Kirby Fighters, and Dedede’s Drum Dash. In story mode you follow Kirby’s adventure as he tries to save King Dedede. It kind of reminds me of Super Mario 3D Land  since there are different islands, and levels within each island. As you go through the levels you need to defeat your enemies while also searching for the sunstones in the level (and collecting keychains). When you complete all the levels for the island and collect enough sunstones, the boss of the island is unlocked. Defeating the boss basically allows you to move on to the next island. The other modes you can play are essentially mini-games.

ktd enter


Overall I am really enjoying playing Kirby Triple Deluxe. I like how it’s a straightforward game with simple controls, but it’s also challenging. I don’t find I’m zipping through this game as fast as I was with Super Mario 3D Land. It reminds me of the older Mario games that don’t give you unlimited power and hold your hand if you lose too many lives. I also like how there is a lot to unlock in this game. There are two mini games which I am looking forward to unlocking on the home screen. Also, when you’re in Story Mode you can unlock bonus levels on each island if you collect all the sunstones for the particular island. If you haven’t tried out Kirby Triple Deluxe yet, I highly suggest you do.

Book Nook: Audio Books

This is a bit of a different type of book post. Instead of talking about physical books, I’m going to be talking about my experience with audio books. I have to admit, I was never too fond of the idea of audio books. I always thought of it as a lazy way to get the storyline of books. I had stayed as far away from audio books as possible, until about a month ago.

As a little bit of a background, I make a ~3 hour round-trip to school every day. While I’m on these trips I usually listen to music. I would love to read my books, but I get car-sick whenever I read in a moving vehicle. That’s when it finally hit me. Why don’t I listen to my books instead? It would eliminate the sickness problem and I’d still get to have my books with me.


For my first foray into the world of audio-books I decided to use a free code for Audible (because it has an app for my phone) and got the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I already own this book (click here for a review), but since it was read by Ashley Clements (who plays Lizzie Bennet in the show) I thought it might make the audio book more interesting. I honestly loved the audio book, and the different voices Ashley uses for the characters are hilarious! It was nice to get to listen to my book for a few weeks without carrying a book or being limited to stationary reading areas.


All in all I suggest giving audio books a try. I loved the Audible app and will probably get a few more books from them in the future. However, this is not going to replace my physical books. I love them too much to ever give them up. Audio books are a different way to experience the story while on-the-go, but I still prefer getting lost in the words on the page.

Keeping Active: Fitbit Review

Since school is now in full swing a lot of us will be trading our more active free time for sitting and studying. This doesn’t have to be the case. Though it can be hard to keep fit during school, I’ve been getting extra motivation from my Fitbit Flex. I’ll be giving you a little review of my thoughts on the Fitbit Flex after having it for about a month now.

fitbit flex

The Fitbit Flex is an electronic fitness tracker. It can track steps, distance travelled, calories burned, exercise/activity level and how you sleep. When using the app or online dashboard you can track your food or water intake, make meal plans, and add activities you’ve done through the day. It vibrates when you reach your daily goal or when you set alarms.

I originally chose the Fitbit Flex because it was small and easy to wear. It doesn’t have a screen, but by double tapping you see a series of lights that tell you how close you are to your daily goal. I like how it has interchangeable wristbands so you can change the look to fit whatever you’re wearing. The bands are also made of silicone so they are easy to clean. The battery life is pretty amazing for the Flex. I find I only have to charge it every 5 days (using it 24/7) and it only takes ~3 hours to fully charge. The battery life can drain faster if you use the alarm options constantly on the Flex, but I haven’t noticed a dramatic decrease. The Flex also claims it is water resistant enough to shower with, but I haven’t tested that claim (though it does put up with rain and washing dishes). The only down-side I have found for the Flex is the sensitivity of the tap sensors. In order to change it from sleep-mode to awake you need to tap it for a second or two, but I find myself trying for 2-3 minutes to get it to switch sometimes.

There are two ways to see the data from your Fitbit. The first is to use the online dashboard. I really liked how you can customize the dashboard to show exactly what you want to see. It’s really easy to move things around and see the different aspects of your day in more detail (activity levels, sleep patterns, etc.).


The other option is to use the app. As far as I know the app is available for both apple and android devices. I have a picture of the apple app interface below. I like that it is very organized and you can see everything your Fitbit has been recording at a glance. The app is also customizable and you can change what you see and the order of the main screen.

fitbit app

However, my favorite part of the Fitbit is my ability to compete with friends. The app and online dashboard makes it easy to find friends and cheer them on or taunt them through the day. It really motivates you to get up and move (and it’s fun to compete with friends).

All-in-all I have been really impressed with the Fitbit Flex. The Fitbit user interfaces are easy to use on both your phone or online, and the Flex is a great little device to have. Though you may not be doing a full on exercise routine every day, it is nice to know how active you are in your every-day life.